Helping people along life’s journey with Christian-based mental health services.



Emmaus Counseling Center opened our doors September 1, 2004 and since has provided services to more than 6,000 individuals and their families 50,000 sessions. Most insurance plans are accepted and our Samaritan Fund provides some fee-assistance to low income clients.

We believe that effective counseling embraces the integration of the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of personal, family and community life. The counselor guides the individual to wellness and wholeness by promoting physical health, emotional well-being, healthy relationships and spiritual maturity. We perform this function in a way that is clinically sound and informed by our Christian worldview.

Our Mission:

Emmaus Counseling Center is a private non-profit agency which provides a mental health ministry to people who prefer to receive help through a Christian based program that is clinically sound and informed by our Christian worldview. However, the Center will provide service to all clients without regard to their faith orientation.

Our Core Values:

Outreach: to provide an outreach into the community that integrates Christian truth and psychological understanding, meeting people where they are at in their faith journey;

Access: to be accessible to everyone in need who seeks counseling by reducing barriers of location, hours of service, ability to pay, scope of service, perceived stigma, and other potential barriers;

Excellence: to apply sound professional, organizational and business practices; and to be recognized as a premier counseling center.