We are 11 days away from our celebration dinner and fundraiser.  Emmaus has a mission to help our community in promoting mental health.  One of our core values is “Outreach: to provide an outreach into the community that integrates Christian truth and psychological understanding, meeting people where they are at in their faith journey.”  What does that mean?  Well first off we are distinctively Christian.  Our therapist represent varying perspectives within the Christian tradition, but our worldview is decidedly Christian.  We also are all Licensed Professional Therapists that provide quality care for our clients.  Finally we strive to respect all who would come to seek our services.  That means that we are sensitive to providing care to all regardless of faith that they might profess.  We simply meet people where they are at and provide the most competent care which is our Christian calling. 

Would you consider supporting our mission.  As a not for profit organization we can receive donations.  Your donations will help extend our healing mission and support those who would otherwise be unable to receive care.  You can attend our celebration dinner and/or give through our donation link.  Thank you for your prayers and support.